The line BRICKMAN® is designed for the manipulation discontinuous hot objects up to 300 ° C and 500 ° C, and is produced using a special heat resistant leather tanned which ensures a resistance and a durability higher than the norm.
Two lines make up our production:

We can change some features of the various articles upon our clients’ specific requests. In the link below you can find some special products to meet special requirements:

You can customize gloves printing or embroidering the brand or logo of your company for advertising and promotional purposes , this way you can tie the image of your company to a safe , quality , and necessary for the user .

La BRICKMAN®, does not stand for a particular feature , but for a good set of features that make the optimum glove potholders and knobs work and quality is proven by the great success achieved by all customers in Italy and abroad have placed their trust on the line Heat BRICKMAN®.

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