NUOVA IMPLI was founded in the 1970’s as a worldwide work glove manufacturer and it subsequently gave life to the BRICKMAN® heat resistant oven line.

In the course of the years our passion and experience have led us to becoming a leader in the manufacture of heat resistant oven gloves for the food industry and especially in the baking and pastry industry, as well as in the pizza making and catering industry.

Our large-scale size is the feature that best describes the goal we have reached on the international market. Our leading position in the field is the result of the advantage of being “Made in Italy” which includes not only very high technology but also “hand tailoring”. All this makes our product unique in the world as all components are assembled by artisan craftsmen in our workshops.

Competence and the continuous research for perfection bring on improvements day by day and the creation of partnerships relationship with our clients.

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